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Glynt Nutri Mask

    Product Category : Moisturizing Conditioner
    Product Code : GC-NM-M

  • 28 50 ML
    32 1000ml
    58 200 ML
  • Availability: N/A

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Glynt Nutri Mask

Hair that is thick, naturally wavy or prone to dryness needs nourishing care to get its shine and elasticity. This is best achieved by rich lipids, which help the hair to store moisture better. The Nutri range therfore nourishes brittle hair with cold-pressed jojoba oil and macadamia oil - both of which are very similar to the lipids in skin and hair. The result impressively shimmering radiance and a silky feel.


Nutri Mask is a particularly intensive and rich mask. The valuble oils in the mask form a delicate protective layer around each individual hair, smoothing out the hairs surface. Jojoba oil in particular gives long-lasting protection to damaged hair, protecting it against moisture loss and giving it an immediately noticeable silky feel.


apply Nutri Mask after shampoo
leave to work in under heat for 5-10 min.
wash out