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Glynt Volume Conditioner

    Product Category : Volumizing Conditioner
    Product Code : GC-VC-M

  • 32 1000ml
    58 200 ML
  • Availability: N/A

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Glynt Volume - Vibrant Body For Fine Hair

Subtlety for more volume
When it comes to care routines,fine hair is especially challenging and sensitive .Its fragile structure makes it particularly vulnerable to hair breakage and split ends.Fine hair needs to be well cared for .However,to avoid overloading the hair and making it droop,the care given should not be too rich .The Volume range meets this requirement thanks to its light formulations and strengthening ingredients.Bamboo extract ,vitamin B5 and liquid keratin create synergies that give resilience ,shine and body .
Volume Conditioner
Directly after shampooing ,Volume Conditioner is worked into the lengths and ends and left on for a short while before being washed out again.The combination of bamboo extract with vitamin B5 significantly improves the quality of the hair again .The hair will altogether become more resistant and fuller.Treatment time 2-5 minutes .