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Inebrya Sanitizing Hand Emulsion

    Product Category : Gel
    Product Code : I-R-H-M

  • 535 100 ML
    983 75 ML
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Inebrya Rivit Sanitizing Hand Emulsion

Cleansing Emulsion for hands Volume: 75ml / 100ml 250ml / 1000 ml

Purifying hand emulsion without alcool that deeply cleanses the hands without the use of water. It maintains the skin soft and hydrated.

Contains 3% pure, stabilized hydrogen peroxide, which has been proven to provide effective and long-lasting protection against bacteria, molds, yeasts and even the toughest viruses.

Enriched with a Milky fragrance A very effective hydrogen peroxide based cleansing and purifying emulsion for hands and skin.

- Broad spectrum highly effective microbicidal disinfectant for the skin
- The active ingredient is 3% pure hydrogen peroxide
- Effectively kills not only bacteria and fungi but also persistent viruses such as corona, noro & influenza viruses, hepatitis and Ebola
- Non-flammable, skin and environment friendly
- Does not dry hands like alcohol-based desinfectants
- Contains skin softening and moisturizing ingredients

Ready to use

Made in Italy.