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ReVersive Pro Youth Serum

    Product Category : Serums
    Product Code : B-RDS-M

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ReVersive pro youth serum
Contents 30 ml

Active ingredient concentrate that activates youthfulness for radiant and vitalized skin in the morning.

High-performance active ingredient concentrate that activates youthfulness with an innovative power peptide for radiant and vitalized skin in the morning.

Gives the skin youthful radiance. Thanks to ReVersive, the skin appears visibly firmer, firmer and smoother. It appears intensely moisturized and more supple. The complexion appears refined, more even and more radiant. For a perfect, youthful complexion.

The BABOR laboratories have enriched this active ingredient concentrate with an innovative power peptide. It works like a kick starter by accelerating the skin's microcirculation and stimulating the energy in the skin. For an instantly vitalized and wrinkled complexion. The PRO YOUTH Complex also works against the most common signs of aging, such as loss of elasticity, wrinkling and lack of radiance.

In the morning after cleansing, apply to face, neck and décolleté, work in and let it soak in. Then use the ReVersive Cream or Cream Rich. Can also be used as a cure in the evening, when there is little sleep, during stressful phases or when traveling with a time difference.