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ReVersive Anti-aging Dual Box Serum

    Product Category : Serums
    Product Code : B-RDSB-M

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Babor ReVersive: Anti-aging Dual Serum


An intensely moisturizing serum with a unique action for timelessly beautiful skin.

A 4-week intensive treatment. Thanks to an exceptional boosting action, the two serums are blended together to create an innovative micro-emulsion.

The ultra-fine micro-emulsion is absorbed much deeper and faster into the skin leaveing it feeling incredibly soft and smoother to the touch. It also gives skin a firmer, more even and more youthful looking appearance.

The RE-YOUTH Complex helps to maintain the appearance of youthful skin. Thanks to the exclusive BABOR precision formula with the high-performance active cosmetic ingredients Telovitin, Agicyl, Epocyl and Lumicol, skin appears firmer and smoother.


Use in the morning and/or evening, after cleansing. To activate the serum, hold the bottle upright and turn the base clockwise

(1). Shake well before dispensing into the palm of your hand

(2). Smooth over the face, neck and décolletté. To reactivate the micro-emulsion, shake well as necessary. Each bottle contains enough serum for seven days.